If you think any of our designs don't quite fit you, don't worry, at Bioco we customize them to fit your personality and style. Do you want a smaller size of any of our pieces? Would you like to combine a different pair of earrings? Do you want a bracelet or necklace version of any of our pieces? Are you a fan of a certain color?

Everything is possible with Bioco, tell us what you would like to change about our designs, and we will be happy to customize our products, making them even more special and unique for you.

360º customization

We also offfer 360 customization, this means that we give free rein to the imagination, we will create an exclusive product from scratch just for you, under indications and choices, you only have ti send us your request with your ideas, and we will figure out how to approach your project. Do you need something special for an upcoming event? a celebration for someone special? An outfit that you don't know which accessories to pair with?

We suggest you the 360º customization, wich will surely not leave anyone indifferent, fill in the formulary with your request, and we will evaluate it as soon as possible, and we will make you a budget according to your needs.

Remember that at Bioco we do not stop creating for you. Make yourself unique