Bioco atelier is the center and heart of the brand, where the creative proccess that leads to the design, production and manufacture of all our pieces takes places.

A space where imagination has no limits, a place where roots, earth and attachment play an essential role. A unique magic is created when we face tradition with the creativity that focuses on new technologies.

Here at Bioco we are committed to the future because we believe in it, we are convinced that these new technologies can be uses to create accessories with a strong identity, but still maintain our linear, geometrical and minimalist style.

Inside the atelier we distinguish the working area. Design and 3D printing. Each wordkspace is provided with all the required tools to create each of our products.

Our favorite place is definitely te 3d printing station, where we hace one of the best technologies to make all our pieces. The 3D printer is another member or the team and we love of the possibilities it offers.

We want you to feel special, because each of our designs are carefully thought out to make your feel unique. This is why everything is done in our atelier, from developing the idea, most of the time playing with shapes made of paper using the origami technique, to digital and 3D design, printing the pices on our machine, and also the finishing and the post-processing of each piece.

This is how Bioco introduces you to its atelier, its most personal spaces, the place where everything has its origi, as we want you to become part of our team, to feel a little closer to us and to be able to understand our working philosophy. Beacuse we do not judge here, we are free to be what we want to be, no guilt or regrets, we always let the imagination fly.